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Various Observations Throughout The Reno Core

04-02-09 -- On East 2nd Street, construction has begun on the corner lot (east across the street from what was supposed to be Nightingale Manor) where 2nd St and Kuenzli "split." A small new shopping complex has been proposed on that parcel and is apparently now under construction.
- There is some construction activity in front of Renown Medical Center, where there was formerly a Starbucks Coming Soon sign on the fence, lining Mill Street directly in front of the parking garage. I have a feeling this will turn into landscaping, because the land was previously flat, and now it seems a bit hilly and sculpted for landscaping, and not a retail pad.

- I got a report from a DTM reader that when he walked by the Ballpark the other day, the they were testing testing the audio system and had an American flag and fireworks showing on the big video screen over the scoreboard. Hearing the "announcer voice" and seeing the video in action really got him thinking BASEBALL :-)
- Par Electric is also busy tearing up the sidewalk and street ACROSS 2nd - both in front of the proposed new hotel site and in front of the Park Tower office building. Looks like they are rewiring the traffic signals or something and apparently doing whatever refinements will be needed for the curbs, gutters, etc before that portion of 2nd street gets patched and resurfaced in the next few days (before the ballpark opens). Basin Street was also finishing up the new facelift for the entrance to the office building.

- I got a different email from a DTM fan who noticed some electrical conduits coming out of the ground about where the "stage" is proposed at the Ballpark, so perhaps that will be an entertainment plaza. All the metal work on the south side of the stadium is now in place and painters are busy touching up all the weld spots. A few concrete pours are still needed for the sidewalk, but otherwise the job looks very close to DONE. They were also chopping big holes in the Evans St pavement - apparently removing bad spots so that they can patch and (hopefully) grind down and resurface.


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