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East Downtown Reno Lofts Featured in Northern Nevada Business Weekly

4/06/09 - A while ago I did a post regarding HabeRae Investments is doing called 11 At the Firehouse. Northern Nevada Business Weekly came out with a great full length article on the project, which you can read here. In looking at a map, I can see a great need to build a river path on the north side of the river that would somehow cross over the train trench underneath the Wells Avenue Overpass. This would gives people living in this area much easier, quicker access to the river corridor, the baseball stadium, and downtown in general. See my crude map below. The green square represents where the 11 @ Firehouse project is, and my green trail represents where I feel a river path should go to give eastern access to the stadium, the river, and downtown.

Riverwalk Downtown Reno



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Posted by: urbanblog - 4/6/2009 3:18:11 PM
That's a great project, HaBeRae rocks! I agree with you about the need to connect this area over the train trench and to the river path. It's super important I think to connect the S Wells Ave area to the north side of the river & E 4th just as it's important to connect the 4th/Morrill area with the south side of the river. The way it currently is handled is terrible. Bikes & pedestrians both have no good options for getting to the other side of the river and trench from either north or south.


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