3/10/09 - CONFIRMED - There is indeed a new Sage Commercial 'For Lease' sign in the front of the Longs/CVS Pharmacy building as Daryll Drake mentioned in the last Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board meeting. This definitely contradicts the efforts and tone of the Redevelopment Agency in the previous RDA meeting, where RDA was discussing possibly postponing other projects to give CVS Pharmacy financial incentives to open downtown. The strange thing is that CVS is in open communication with RDA, and as of the CAC meeting last Tuesday, has not informed RDA they do not plan to open a CVS there. So I am still hesitant to say that CVS has completely pulled out of the project until someone 'official' confirms that with me. CVS has a long term lease with the building, but can sub-lease the space. With that' for lease sign' on the front of the building, it certainly doesn't show much faith that CVS will open. Now, excuse me while I go drown my sorrows with a shot of Odwalla orange juice. Yeah, I'm THAT hardcore.