Midtown on Video

by Mike Van Houten / Nov 12, 2011

Reno Style and Wolfpack Week feature Midtown in two separate videos



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  • November 28, 2011 - 4:55:20 PM

    Woah nelly! Hold your horses here! Midtown is developing itself! All these great new stores, restaurants, and bars! And no Star Bonds? You're telling me they pay 100% of their sales tax not 25%??? How is this possible? How can they stay in business??? They need City Bonds and Redevelopment Funds and a $200 million convention center on St Lawrence!!! You're telling me they don't need government subsidies??? Wait, where's the California Cheesecake Factory and Crate and Barrel and Abercrombie outlet??? No national chains??? I'm so confused!!! This is free market, but it's not supposed to work this way! We're supposed to be subsidizing development with taxpayer money and going into debt!!!! Midtown is turning into an incredible neighborhood without government subsidies. This is an outrage! I will call Cashall immediately!