Could It Be Next for Redevelopment?

- The Woolworths building downtown, located at 101 North Virginia Street, is one of 'those' buildings which has remained virtually unchanged since my initial move to Reno. I never had the luxury of seeing it open and functioning as Woolworths, but I hear from locals lots of memories of hitting up the restaurant inside Woolworths as a favorite pastime.

Rumors are afloat on the internet that at least two developers are taking a close look at the for office use, and another who is interested in converting the property to urban apartments with views of the river and downtown.

Lower Level!


The view.

When you combine this with the rumor that the Nevadan Tower will soon be gifted to UNR to become their business development center and additional under-grad housing, it raises the possibility that finally, after over a decade of being the most under-utilized block of downtown, there could be significant developments that change this block considerably.

Provided the residents don't require parking, or maybe a deal could be struck with Cal Neva or the City, who both have nearby parking garages, I think apartments could be a viable project for the building. The problem with it being a commercial space is its size. Most new retail going downtown and in midtown, with the exception of Campo, are selecting smaller bite-size spaces that are more affordable and manageable. But if a Best Buy wanted to come to downtown, or a Frye's, and occupy the Woolworths building, you wouldn't hear any complaints from me!