CommRow Permits Filed, And Off They Go! Plus A Few Others

by Mike Van Houten / May 31, 2011

Browsing through these permits documents is interesting. It's amazing some of the things one needs a permit for, including fence, sprinkler systems, water heater installation and more. Most people aren't aware of this because a good contractor will pull the permits required for you. Anyway, a myriad of permits have been pulled and show up in the City's database for ComRow including interior demolition, tenant improvement and of course, the climbing wall! Exterior construction on the decks should begin very soon.

Also spotted in the permit bull pen in usually busy permit week, looks like 401 Ryland will be doing some demolition work, where the Bosma Group is moving into, and some permits showed up for the building(s) under construction on Center Street.

You can check them all out in this PDF Document.

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