Downtown to Idlewild Park Walk

by Mike Van Houten / May 4, 2011




I'm consistently blown away at the number of tourists and even locals who aren't aware of the beautiful 2-mile round-trip walk between downtown and Idlewild Park just west of downtown. The river path parallels the Truckee River for the entire walk. Skateboards, rollerblades and bicycles aren't allowed on the walking path, making it ideal for those that prefer to stroll at a leisurely pace. Full-growth trees provide shade for most of the walk.

The journey takes you through the historic Powning Conservation District, where you'll find bungalows from the early 1900's still standing in pristine condition.

Idlewild Park hugs a curve along the south bank of the Truckee River and features mature trees, large expanses of grass, two rentable picnic shelters, playgrounds, ball fields, a municipal pool, skate park, walking and biking paths, a train ride, Reno's Municipal Rose Garden, and small lakes for fishing and feeding waterfowl. The Reno Municipal Rose Garden is a colorful acre filled with 200 varieties of roses and over 1,750 rose bushes. Times to view the garden in full bloom are late June to early July and late August. It is free to visit and enjoy.

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Additional Info

Where to Start:
Corner of Arlington Avenue and First Street. Walk west. The riverwalk will split from the sidewalk and hug the Truckee River bank. Keep following it west until you reach Idlewild Park.

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  • May 4, 2011 - 6:28:31 PM

    Sounds splendid. I didn't know there was such a well kept route. Thanks.

  • May 4, 2011 - 6:52:50 PM

    I run and walk this all the time. I have taken many of the same pictures you did.