Photo Tour of 50 South Virginia

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 21, 2015

Check out a photo tour of the extremely cool 50 South Virginia Project, which is the former U.S. Post Office in downtown Reno on the river. Amazing plans are in place already, so check out the photos and read on!

Primary Retail Space

Let's begin with the primary retail space, which is one of the most impressive elements of the building. It's located in the center, on the ground level, and sits where the loading, sorting and employee areas of the former post office were located. The huge, long atrium was restored, and the amount of natural day-lighting in the space was impressive, giving the whole room a warm glow. Sunlight beamed in through the skylight and bounced off the woodwork, lighting the whole room up.

The Basement

The Basement, as it will be called, will be opening in August to September of this year, and is currently being built out. It will be a collection of unique retailers, food and entertainment venues, and the best part is, all the leases but two are signed, and they expect to fill those soon as well. The venues include a chocolatier, a spice market, a barber shop, a florist, an art gallery, a bar, a clothing boutique, and a large lecture hall.

Check it out!

Here you can see the design-style planned for the Basement urban marketplace.

This multi-level area will be a commons area and lecture hall/event space for film screenings, small lecture and more.

The Chocolatier is excited and shows off her future commercial space.

The bar area and the 'quad.'

The Florist retail space.

Second-Floor Offices

Now we switch to the second-floor offices. Below you can see the top of the atrium. The center of the building is open, and is red brick! A crazy hidden gem you can't see from the street.

Tons of natural lighting

The views

Huge windows that open

Another office space

There you have it! The Basement is waiting on two more tenants to commit then construction will begin, with it opening around August to September. The second-floor offices are ready for anyone who wants to move in. Tomorrow the the public is welcome to get tours, which you can find details here.

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  • March 22, 2015 - 9:25:46 AM

    Please leave as much original detail as possible. I always marveled at the details when I went in there. Glad to the see the building repurposed. Can't wait to get in there.