CommRow Grand Opening Ocober 1st

by Mike Van Houten / Sep 28, 2011

Grand opening details are released! Check out the official release plus some teaser shots form the Row's Facebook page below. Tomorrow is 'media day' and you can bet I'll be there snapping away the finished product for DTM.

Revealing the world’s tallest climbing wall is just one component to the Grand Opening celebration of Reno’s first “Urban Adventure Destination”, CommRow, taking place this Saturday, October 1.  Downtown Reno’s first nonsmoking, nongaming, pet-friendly property will be showcasing many entertainment facets, full schedule below.

Please Note: North Virginia Street will be closed between 2nd Street and
Commercial Row between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Saturday, October 1



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  • October 23, 2011 - 9:12:56 PM

    So Comm Row hasn't been open for a freaking month and some of the Reno/Sparks negative nellies are burying it? Wow. Ooooh, the concrete floor! Ooooh there wasn't a big crowd when I was there. C'mon! This area has the a big attitude problem. I disagree, I I think this idea CAN succeed. It's kind of like the Wolf Pack football and basketball games. Even if they have a good team but maybe lose at the end the locals brag about how they didn't go to the game and they'll whine and say "I don't like the coach and ever make the big time anyways"! It's pretty sad around here.

  • October 23, 2011 - 11:14:35 PM

    This is 1 Negative Nellie that took his tourista coin to Wild River, Freight House and Silver Peak. Sorry, but why would anyone choose the noisy cavern that is Com Row over the dozen or so superior offerings downtown? Hmmmm...let's see, river view or "repurposed" cafeteria? Ever stop and do the math on how many $2.00 beers, $17 climbs and $10.00 lunches it would take to support the overhead? Or maybe just pay off the "improvements"? Have any of you "Positive Pollies" ever managed a night club or restaurant? I assure you the competition is fierce and the margins slim. There is a reason that eateries, nightclubs and bars don't inhabit huge vacant hotels and monstrous parking garages and it's called overhead. I'd love to wave the flag on this but unless Nando is laundering money or has a Santa connection there is not much chance of generating enough cake to make this work and when it stops working either someone has to feed it or it gets closed and that, as you all know all too well, is very bad for Reno. Sorry to bring up the whole Emperors' Clothes thing but just keepin' it real dog. It's going to take more than online spin, sycophants and employees to make this baby fly.