How the Downtown Reno Partnership affects Downtown Reno

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 9, 2022

The Downtown Reno Partnership wears many hats when it comes to downtown Reno, including economic development, marketing and keeping downtown safe and friendly. 

Here are some impressive stats of the work of the 25 downtown hospitality ambassadors, from July 2020 to February 2022.

Hospitality Stats Total

Safe Walks  - 2,152
Hot Spot Check - 63,728
Shopping Carts Recovered - 978
Encampment Reporting - 85
Graffiti Removal - 491
Trash Bags Filled - 4,271
Incident- Public Intoxication - 1,908
Incident- Disturbance - 1,201
Incident- Open Container - 1,794
Incident- Panhandling - 866
Incident- Blocking Sidewalks - 10,031
Wellness Checks - 3,125

Social outreach worker activity

Outreach Referrals Total
Clothing - 419
Food - 948
Medical - 686
Shelter - 1491
Transportation (Buss Passes) - 218
Van Ride - 225
Detox/ Treatment  - 281
Housing Services - 477
Medicaid Services - 259
Long Term Housing/ Treatment - 87
Medicaid Sign-Ups - 54
Total - 5,145

Average effort from first interaction to major success such as housing
How this breaks down into man hours:
• 89 Interactions at a minimum 30 minutes each = *44.5/hr
• Interactions can happen at any time, 1 staff member will
never be completely available to service
• Not one agency is the fix all, collaboration is what creates
the success
*Since 7/1/2020, they have helped 87 individuals find long term housing/ treatment. This breaks down to 3,871.5
hours or 161 Days.

The county donated a van to the DRP, and sicne acquiring it, have provided an average of 70 rides a month to places such as:

*Social Security Office
*Treatment Centers
*Non-Emergency Medical
*New Home


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  • March 20, 2022 - 9:33:08 PM

    That's great but how much did this cost small business owners downtown? THE ROW paid the same "assessment" (tax) as the mom and pop shops, but guess who benefited more? The DRP is a waste of tax payers money and a scapegoat for our ineffective and incompetent City Council. I encourage everyone to review the contract that was signed. Corruption epitomized.