Jan 17 City Council Items

by Mike Van Houten / Jan 10, 2024

Some goodies and clues as to new businesses opening, particularly in the MidTown area, in the Reno City Council's consent agenda for the Jan 17 meeting

Some standout items:

B.2 - Approval of privileged business license dining room wine and beer - for new Tasty Pot at 716 South Virginia. It sounds delicious. 

B.3 - Approval of privileged business license dining room wine and beer - for new Midnight Coffee Roasting Cafe and Roastery at 1401 South Virginia Suite 250. Mmmm coffee

B.5 - Approval of priviliged business license, on-premis alcohol -  Best Bet Motor Lodge, Piper Stremmel at 941 South Virginia Street. This must be for the Reno Sauna Project/turkish baths/mystery motel project rumor floating around for this property. 

B.6 -  Approval of privileged business license, on-premise alcohol - RED Leasing Pavilion, 2072 Experience Avenue. Because why not have a Mai Tai while perusing luxury living? 

B.8, B.9 - Approval of privileged business license, secondhand dealer (change of location) - Plato's Closet, 1509 and 1535 South Virginia Street. Mayor Schieve returns to her midtown roots! Plato's Closet and Clothes Mentor move from South Reno back to Midtown. 

Other city council items: 

D.3 - Lots of fancy words to basically start pre-construction services for the new Reno Fire Department Central Station project, which I believe is going where the current police station is on 2nd Street. 

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