MidTown Graffiti Awareness Meeting Tonight

by Mike Van Houten / Jan 15, 2015

WHEN: Tonight, January 15, 6 pm

WHERE: 777 Sinclair Street, Reno, NV 89502

Unbeknownst to many in the community, the city recently started a new graffiti program in MidTown as a pilot project which will expand to the rest of the city, where graffiti abatement teams are up at the crack of dawn, before most of us even rise out of bed, to remove tags from the night before.

This of course relies on the tags still being reported via Reno Direct, however the program is yielding stellar results in MidTown.

The program is called GET (Graffiti Enforcement Team) and they've recently been hyper-focusing on MidTown by cleaning and providing awareness in the most vandalized areas.

Tonight the GET will be sharing the most recent developments for the MidTown District. This includes the introduction of an 'adopt a block' program, graffiti identification, and new innovative ways to approach graffiti abatement. The Children's Cabinet will also introduce a new and exciting program to combat graffiti, which will benefit our youth and redirect bad habits.

The City of Reno 'gets it' now, and is refocusing efforts on graffiti after budget cuts nearly gutted the graffiti program in 2012/2013. At one of our recent West of Wells Neighborhood Groups, we were informed by our beat officer that the city has re-budgeted the Graffiti Tag Investigator position, though I am not sure if it's been filled yet or not.

If you live in MidTown, West of Wells, or own a business in these neighborhoods, I encourage you to attend tonight, and meet the hardworking team that has made a visible difference in MidTown.


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