New Retail and Office Headed to Midtown

by Mike Van Houten / Apr 17, 2018

You might have read Mr. Wright's article on new food and drink options headed to the core of Midtown. 

There are also several new retailers and offices setting up shop in Midtown as well. 

Sittie And Sage

Sittie and Sage, owned and operated by San Francisco transplant and blogger, Joanna Cuenza, has set up shop at 16 St. Lawrence Avenue, in Wedge's former location. I'm still mourning the loss of Wedge Cheese Shop. Sittie and Sage had their grand opening April 14, so pop by and say hi. Here's their Facebook page.

Community Office Solutions

Community Office Solutions, which I believe is a office furniture retailer with a presence in Sparks on Financial Blvd, will be getting a showroom at 777 Center. Here's their web site

StoneGate Development

StoneGate Development will take the coveted FREAKING AMAZING loft space facing Center Street at 777 Center. You can see photos of it in its shell state from my tour of 777 Center Here

In Addition to those retail and office venues, new restaurants and bars are coming as well. 

●      Whispering Vine. Joining the brand’s successful trio of Reno wine bars and retailers, Whispering Vine will fill the currently vacant street-facing “fishbowl” retail space in Sticks. Plans for the MidTown location include a full bar stocked with craft beer and a small plates menu, as well as Whispering Vine’s notorious collection of carefully curated wines. Location: Sticks, 706-764 S Virginia St.
●      JoStella Coffee Company. Newly opened and currently operating in Saint Lawrence Commons, JoStella is offering a fresh coffeehouse experience, with a newly designed interior and menu. Location: Saint Lawrence Commons, 701 S Virginia St.
●      BrauHaus 701. German-style beer hall, BrauHaus 701 will also join Saint Lawrence Commons. The restaurant, owned by Fady Mehanna, will open with a menu including sausage, homemade pretzels made in-house, cheesesteaks and a wide variety of craft beer. Location: Saint Lawrence Commons, 701 S Virginia St.
●      Food + Drink. Created by Aaron Foster, a seasoned operator based out of Graeagle, Food + Drink will specialize in homemade tacos and pizzas. Location: Martin Crossing, 955 S Virginia St.
●      The Emerson. Owner Tyler Colton plans to bring a lounge vibe and farmer’s market-sourced cocktails to the MidTown district with the introduction of The Emerson. Occupying a currently vacant retail space in Martin Crossing, The Emerson will offer a blend of craft cocktails and drinks, paired with light bites. Location: Martin Crossing, 955 S Virginia St.
Joining those retailers will be 50+ new residential units in midtown and south downtown. Those include:
- Riverside Park Apartments - I'm not sure if this is the final name of this proejct, but it's a large townhouse project located at the end of Park Street on the Truckee River. You can see construction photos of it in the gallery below.
- Tonopah Lofts - 8 new residences in duplex configuration, not unlike the Midtown Lofts' lofts. They will most likekly be priced similarly to the lofts located in the alley and on Stewart Street by the Discovery museum, around $600,000. You can see construction photos below.
- Alamo Square - Continually expanding townhomes across the street from the Park Lane project on South Virginia Street. Photos below.
Several of Mike McGonagle's projects include:

261/263 Thoma – A new rental duplex (see photo below)

446/448 Roberts – Duplex project.

541/543 Sinclair – Rental duplex

Haskell Row – 22 mid-to-high-end rental lofts in duplex configuration.

Arroyo Cluster – 10 new 1 bedroom units and a remodel of 237 East Arroyo. Two new 4-plex's, new duplex.

Midtown Office Retail and Residential Coming

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