New Tenants Headed for 24 California Avenue

by Mike Van Houten / Feb 3, 2022

Finally! After a remodel and the exodus of FedEx and Newman's Deli, it looks like tenants are finally making their way to 24 California Avenue. 

Two permits submitted provide clues as to who it is: 

Permit One - Buildout of plumbing and walls for Elixer Superfood and Juice

Permit Two - Buildout of interior for Wheyfarer Cheese. Cheese! One of my favorite foods. 

An exciting development for California Avenue. I like what they did with the remodel. 

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  • February 26, 2022 - 6:37:05 PM

    The place looks great! Looks like a beautiful place for a bar / tapas restaurant! Let's keep up the great work Reno!