Massive RAAB Meeting Update Includes Siegel, RTC, New Projects and More

by Mike Van Houten / Feb 22, 2017

Thanks to Matt for the tips! 

RTC Updates;

1. 4th Street/Prater Reconstruction project underway.  $52M project w/ target completion scheduled for Jul/Aug 2018 pending weather.  Will include new electric rapid bus line with 6 stations east/west.  Larger sidewalks and better lighting.
2. The RTC Rapid Line is scheduled to be extending north to UNR w/ three new stations, with the highlights being on campus and Lawlor Events Center.  A roundabout will be constructed at Lawlor to enable the busses to turn around, this should be in place by next year.
3. Midtown Virginia Street project planning near complete, they hope to begin construction this year, 11ft sidewalks, new landscaping, lighting and ADA compliance.  From Plumb north to Liberty. 
4. A few public comments, notably one from a gentleman inquiring about a bike extension along the River west to Boomtown, RTC responded by saying most of the route is private land and that there are currently no plans for such a proposal.

Revitalization Manager Updates (Bill Dunn- Revitalization Manager);

1. RDA1 and RDA2 update scheduled for City Council meeting on April 12, Bill and Council will discuss moving forward with extension of RDA1 to further payments on debts.
2. Bill and Council have completed a re-assessment of 5 parcels along the Re-TRAC most notably working with Simon Property Group of which they entered an agreement nearly 10 years ago when the Ballpark was built.  The one parcel discusses was the empty strip near Keystone and I-80.
3. 235 Ralston (West 2nd) is expected to be going vertical this Spring (permit issued), two potential funding streams are in the pipeline but he could not elaborate.  Council, Bill and West 2nd developers are engaged in talks about where to move the Greyhound bus station.
4. A California developer is moving forward with plans for market rate housing near the Police Station and Kuenzli called Riverside Park Apartments, which will include high-end amenities, three buildings for a total of 38 units.
5. Council and Bill are working on plans for potential dog park w/ artificial turf, fencing and irrigation on the Re-TRAC cover nearest Eldorado.

Siegel Group Update

1. Virginian- Interior is complete, all units feature full kitchenettes w/ upper and lower cabinets, two cooktops and backsplash and full size fridge.  Building is 90% leased w/ tenant mix of mostly foreign exchange students and now Tesla construction workers.  The group will be submitting plans within 30 days for the completion of the exterior, once approved, they plan to move forward immediately and finish the exterior by years end.
2. Nevadan- A $300K elevator refurbishment was completed late last year, similar project undertaken at Virginian is now moving forward for Nevadan with full kitchenettes in each unit.  Exterior plans are in review and will be executed after the Virginian is finished.  Both high rises will have a sleek modern appearance when completed.
3. El Cortez - HRC approved exterior design/signage plan at their January meeting and construction will commence immediately when weather improves, Yesco will be manufacturing the signs.
4. 248 Bldg (1st Street) Trucke Lane Building design under review and nearly complete, when weather improves, construction is slated to begin. No changes to retail tenants at this time however as residential tenants move out; units will be fully remodeled with new sleek modern look.  This building will not be a Siegel Suites model. 
5. Presentation was given by Mike Tisdale, VP of Siegel Suites.  He’s recently relocated from Las Vegas and says Siegel is 100% committed to Reno, his office is in the Nevadan. 

The Eddy update

1. Fellow board member Kurt Stister provided a complete update on the Eddy container park project.
2. Construction at site has been slow due to weather but will pick up at rapid pace when weather improves, backbone infrastructure being put in.  Fabrication of the containers is taking place off site near West 4th Street, they will be flown in when ready.  New fencing will be installed around the site featuring reclaimed wood and steel. 
3. Soft open tentatively planned for April 1 with a grand opening scheduled for Cinco De Mayo 2017.  They are also working with Chuck Shapiro of Wild River Grille for new planters on his patio as well as new bike racks near the site.

Various other updates

1. Homelessness is taking a completely new approach with the Council, they are looking at new options and possibly hiring consultant “Block by Block” which aids urban areas in their efforts to improve homelessness.  Alex Woodley said the City plans on cracking down harder on aggressive panhandling but says they cannot stop someone simply asking for money.  A new action plan could potentially be in place by July 1.
2. The Standard at Reno project is officially dead; the Council is working with the owners of the site to determine a potential action plan on the now-blighted properties.
3. The “reskinned” Reno Arch is still on track however no timeline has officially been set, Alexis Hill, of the Arts division of the City, did say it should be done by the City’s 150th birthday in May of 2018.  She also touched on various other public art projects in Midtown, near the university and on the Re-TRAC lids with potential partnerships with Burning Man artists.   She said a new roundabout will be constructed near Junkee and that Will Durham is planning on installing a neon sign within it touting ‘Midtown’

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  • February 23, 2017 - 12:04:14 PM

    Excellent and informative update - thank you very much.

  • February 23, 2017 - 5:57:52 PM

    Thank you for your web site. Since we bought at the Riverwalk ten years ago - your site has kept us informed on changes in our neighborhood. Thanks we appreciate your work.

  • February 27, 2017 - 10:29:20 PM

    The Standard is dead? Why there is no announcement prior?