Transformation Begins of ReTRAC Cover Downtown

by Mike Van Houten / Jun 7, 2021

I took a walk downtown on Sunday to check out what's going on with the ReTRAC beautification project, spearheaded by the Downtown Reno Partnership. 


This project includes landscaping the edges of the ReTRAC lid and a large mural by artist Brad Carney. The community will pitch in and begin painting the lid June 7-11. 

If you'd like to sign up and help paint the lid, it's not too late! Here's a link to the project page on Downtown Reno Partnership's web site

Executive director Alex Stettinski wasn't exaggerating when he mentioned in a recent DRP town hall that the trees being planted weren't going to be little baby trees.

Check out the pics below! And head over to Downtown Reno Partnership's web page on the project to sign up if you'd like to participate and help paint the amazing mural. 

Also below is a rendering of what the finished mural will look like. 

Not only will this make for a great community space for the 5,000+ residents that live downtown, it will also provide an amazing view for guests staying at Whitney Peak Hotel, and provide an open space for visitors to enjoy. And yes, Reno still has visitors. Every time I walk downtown, there are peeps snapping selfies and photos around our iconic arch downtown, and this beautification project is right around the corner. 

ReTRAC Beautification

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