The Sands is serious about rebranding

by Mike Van Houten / Sep 8, 2022

The Sands isn't playin' when it comes to their rebranding efforts. I wonder how long Nevada natives will still refer to it as the Sands before finally conceding to the new name? I'm looking at you, who still calls GSR Bally's. 

With a prior permit and now this permit, the Sands is approaching $10,000,000 just in permit valuation for signs, which means it's spending a lot of money on new property branding. 

I'm still betting the name is 'S-Resort'  - which now shows up in the Notes section of any new permit for the Sands, when prior permits were submitted as the Sands.

Still waiting on them to break ground on their Arlington residential project, and they recently decided to demo the Courtyard Inn instead of refurbing it. 

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