Scultpure-Fest Coming to Downtown Reno

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 11, 2015

One surefire way to change the perception of downtown Reno, is to hold more art-oriented events that attracts a completely different set of locals and tourists.

The upcoming Reno Sculpture Fest is a huge step in that direction. When you look at the artists participating, wow I can't wait to see their creations, if I haven't already at Burning Man.

Reno Sculpture Fest will take place between the Whitney Peak and El Dorado on the ReTrac Plaza from May 8th-10th. The festival will feature over fifteen talented local artists including eight new commissioned sculptures for the event. The new pieces will be human sized or larger, up to 14 feet tall.

Many will have interactive elements, such as the opportunity to be painted on, moving pieces, cameras, projections, educational components (built with students), and performance elements. All artists are established and respected interactive, community driven sculptors in Reno and have produced many valuable works. Each artist is prolific and has a proven track record.

Reno Sculpture Festival is a collaboration among Reno Art Works, the Generator, the Regional Alliance for Downtown, Eldorado, Whitney Peak and Sierra Arts Foundation.

Click here for the web site.

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  • March 27, 2015 - 9:30:25 PM

    Can we get an editor for this page? This piece has many errors that only hurt the credibility of the organization.

  • March 27, 2015 - 9:34:45 PM

    This information was taken, as of the writing, directly from the event's Facebook page. If you tell me what is incorrect I'll correct it.