Bar N' Games building out space for a board game bar downtown

by Mike Van Houten / May 5, 2021

Bar N' Games submitted a permit for tenant improvement for 594 Lake Street, the ground floor commercial space at Reno Regency Apartments. 

Ok, these guys are super fun, judging from their web site content. A visit to their web site, reveals more snark than I've seen in any Burning Man Facebook or Reddit group. From imaginary testimonials from the likes of Einstein, Atilla the Hun, and a dead zombie, to their 'Who we are' photos,' (see below), I was instantly hooked. 


They claim that 'There are no bars like Bar N’ Games anywhere…ever…in the history of mankind…on any planet (with the exception of the bar at the End of the Universe on Cigus 5). In fact 4 out of 5 people have rated our not yet opened bar as the most legally fun place to drink on Planet Earth (and the one person that didn’t vote for us was passed out).'

From what I gather, the space will feature a bar, board game library, private rooms so nerd-pods can dive into that intense game of D&D in privacy, themed nights and more. 

It looks like they originally planned to be on Evans Avenue, but plans changed and they sealed the deal in a larger space. 

Their Facebook page has been around since 2019, and I'm not sure if this bar was ever technically open prior to their 'relocation' to Lake Street, but either way, this 6,000 square foot space looks like it will be super fun. 

Go give their Facebook page some love, they have about 100 followers right now. In other words, they are virtually uknown at this point. 

The permit reads: 


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