New California Avenue Project Now Leasing

by Mike Van Houten / Jul 8, 2021

Cal Ave Studios, located at 422 California Avenue, is now complete, and leasing units. 

I admittedly didn't take a whole bunch of pics of this project during construction, but I did make a few rounds during the build process

The units are all studios. They aren't shy about marketing these as 'luxury'. 

The project consists of 36 studio apartments. Amenities include a hidden central courtyard, and a rooftop deck of some sort, white quartz countertops with waterfall edges, cellular roller shades, keyless entry, high ceilings and more. The HVAC is through-the-wall, a bit odd for a project priced this high. Maybe it was their only option?

The north-facing units provide great views of downtown (see gallery below). 

The first available units have popped up on Zillow, and range from $1,375 for a 383 sf unit to $2100 for a 518 sf unit. 

The project is located at 422 California avenue. Check out their web site for more information

My thoughts? It's pricey, perhaps the most expensive studios constructed in Reno, beating even Reno Experience District on the pricing. I love the brick work on the first level, and thank goodness its not a parking garage or individual garages fronting California Avenue. The windows are large and numerous.


Cal Ave Studios

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  • July 11, 2021 - 11:31:04 PM

    $4psf studio rent is more than Seattle, Portland, Denver. Miami or Austin. The saving grace is it's so much smaller than RED, they only have to find a few dozen folks willing to pay that, not thousands.

  • July 20, 2021 - 7:29:56 PM

    Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing about these are luxury. I have been inside, and on every floor. They cost near $2000 a month and have ZERO amenities, like not a one. No pool. No gym. No rec room. No nice balconies or nice finishes, or lighting... It's all cheap and whoever thought to install full metal siding balcony walls is a moron and I see a kid burning their hands on it. I see a lawsuit in the future. This is like the pinnacle of pretentious pricing, building and development I've seen in Reno. Why are they all studios? Is this only for rich men with no significant other or family? Who is this for? A rich lonely doctor?

  • July 20, 2021 - 7:35:51 PM

    I have to comment again on the balcony siding.... Those metal plates are going to get up to like 300 degrees, whoever designed these isn't from the region. Maybe in Seattle or Portland where it rains but this is the DESERT! YOU CANNOT HAVE METAL SIDING BALCONIES! Everyone who works at my office near it has commented on it. Did no one mention it during the design process?