Downtown and Sub-District Fare Well in RNR's Best List

Congrats to the downtown businesses that made it onto this years Best of Reno list by RNR. It proves downtown and its outlying sub-districts can hold their own, and are still very relevant. This isn't the whole list, you'll have to pick up a copy of RNR for that...these are just some of the places I have frequented.

Cal-Ave District:
Discology, 190 California Ave, : #3 Best place to buy CDs
College Cyclery, 622 South Virginia: #1 Best bicycle shop
Kalifornia Jean Bar, 290 California, : #3 Best boutique clothing store
Yoga Shack, 190 California Ave, #1 best yoga:
Satellite, 188 California, #2 Best Bar, #3 Best place for live music
Wild Orchid, 515 South Virginia, #3 Best strip club
Chocolate Bar, 475 S. Arlington, #2 Most Romantic Bar, #1 Best Dessert
Cheese Board, 247 California, #3 Best Salad, #2 Best business lunch
Michael's Deli, 628 South Virginia, #3 Best Deli
House of Bread, 1185 California Ave, #1 Best fresh bread, #3 best bakery
Blue Moon Pizza, 190 California Ave, #1 Best Pizza
Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs, 420 S. Sierra, #1 Best Breakfast
Newman's Deli, 20 California Ave, #1 Best Deli
Nevada Museum of Art, 160 W. Liberty St, #1 Best art gallery
Cal Ave Farmer's Market, Cal Ave/Booth St, #2 Best farmer's market

SoDo District:
Maytan Music, 777 S. Center, #1 Best place to buy music
A 7 Salon, 20 Cheney St, #1 Best beauty salon
La Bassola, 20 Cheney St, #3 Best home furnishings store
Aces Tattoo, 681 S. Virginia, #1 Best place to get tattoo
Black Hole Body Piercing, 912 S. Virginia, #1 Best place to get pierced
Reno Skate Supply, 25 Lawrence, #3 Best skate shop
LouLou's, 1470 S. Virginia, #1 Best Restaurant, #2 Best fine dining
Great Basin Food Co-Op, 271 Wonder Street, #2 Best grassroots organization
Rad Betty's Clothing, 141 Vesta, #1 Best place to buy vintage clothes
M Home, 1400 S. Virginia, #2 Best independent home furnishings store
Sound and Fury, 271 Wonder St, #2 Best Independent Cd Store
Paperback Exchange, 131 Vesta, #2 Best store for used books

Dharma Books, 11 N. Sierra, #2 Best bookstore, #2 Best independent bookstore, #1 Best used
Recycled Records, 812 N. Virginia St., #2 Best place to buy cds
Never Ender, 518 W. Second, #3 Best Boutique
Sasha's Boutique, 250 W. First, #1 Best Boutique
World Board Shop, 100 N Arlington, #2 Best skate shop
Peak Performance Chiropractic, 634 West Second, #1 Best chiropractor, #2 Best Masseuse
Downtown Marketplace, 135 N Sierra, #1 Best Independent Grocery
Java Jungle, 246 W First St, #2 Best independent coffee shop
Myrna the Minx, somewhere downtown, #1 Best local blogger
Phillip Brown, 5 Star Saloon, Best male bartender
John Benson, Imperial Bar and Lounge, #3 Best male bartender
Imperial Bar and Lounge, 150 N Arlington, #1 Best Bar
Sierra Tap House, 253 West First St, 253 West First Street, #3 Best Bar, #1 Best First Date Bar
210 North, 210 North Sierra, #1 Best Dance Club
Bubinga Lounge, Eldorado, 345 N Virginia, #3 Best dance club
Green Room, 144 West St, #1 Best place for live music
Brew Brothers, Eldorado, 345 N Virginia, #2 Best place for live music
West Second Street Bar, 118 W Second St, #3 Best open mic night, #1 Best karaoke
Five Star Saloon, 132 West St, #2 Best Gay hangout
Silver Peak, 135 N Sierra, #2 Best Micro Brewery, #1 Best Happy Hour
Pneumatic Diner, 501 W First Street, #3 Best Smoothie, #1 Best Vegetarian
La Famiglia, 180 E First, #1 Best Italian
Awful Awful at the Nugget, 233 N Virginia, #1 Best burger
Beto's Mexican Food, 575 W. 5th, #1 Best Mexican Food
Bruka Theatre, 99 N Virginia, Best local theater group.


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Posted by: Mike - 10/19/2007 12:00:38 PM
Awful Awful best burger? 'It ain't what it used to be!' It's gone downhill a lot. I'll take an In-n-Out Double Double Animal Style over an Awful Awful any day.