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Downtown Reno Bridge Lighting Project

As more art projects fill up the downtown corridor, the City is beginning to think of what can be done to add some much-needed lighting downtown. So Christine Fey, the city Arts and Culture Manager, along with her staff, developed a great plan to light downtown Reno's bridges.

From Arlington Street bridge to the Lake street bridge, each bridge has a concept to dramatically light it at night, casting golden and purple hues over the Truckee River.

The project is being funded solely by donations, for the City Council does not have the budget required to complete the project. Both Wingfield pedestrian bridges have the new lighting installed. .

Realizing that some of the bridges may be replaced for flood control purposes or because of their age, a ingenious plan was developed to light the majority of bridges without actually attaching lighting to the street bridges. That way if they are replaced, the new bridge can be lit with minimal adjustments/construction.

This is a great project that needs to happen, if you are interested in donating or contributing or becoming a sponsor, contact Christine Fey, City Arts and Culture Manager, at 334-2417, or email her at

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Arlington Street Bridge Center Street BridgeLake Street BridgePedestrian Bridge Wingfield Park bridgesVirginia St.


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Posted by: Reno Passport - 3/23/2007 2:39:08 PM
Additional lighting along the river can on enhance the River/Downtown experience. It will also make downtown feel more safe.

Posted by: gracie - 5/30/2007 12:28:37 PM
How is this bridge lighting project coming along? Any new news?

Posted by: Mike Van H - 5/30/2007 4:46:42 PM
Hi Gracie, I got an update from you from Christine Fey, Arts and Culture Manager. The City/Arts Dept is awaiting the delivery of the lights for the South Footbridge in Wingfield Park, and hope to have them in place by July 1st. They will then order lights for the new Bi-Centennial Footbridge and install them, and then order the lights for the Arlington and Sierra Street bridges as they have enough money to do those in their budget next fiscal year.

Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 11/17/2007 5:32:35 PM
Just noticed a few nights ago the lights were finally added to the south pedestrian bridge, and just in time for Christmas, too. They look great! Speaking of Christmas... Any idea if the City will be doing any nice displays this year? I don't remember any major lighting displays since the Gist of Lights in Idlewild a few years ago...

Posted by: Lynn A. - 1/14/2009 7:22:55 PM
This is such a fabulous idea...the lights reflecting in the water will be showcase its nightly "art" feature, changing movement with the wind and ripples...festive and sophisticated. At last, something beautiful in this town. How about trimming the island in the river with some lights, also?