Chambolle in Downtown Reno

Chambolle was a project proposed by BCN Development, who constructed the Palladio. It was to be a condo project very much resembling Park Tower, but escalating costs on raw construction materials like steel made it ultimately not feasible. The land remains vacant to this day. Due to the small size, cost of construction materials, and current market real estate values, it remains a challenge to pencil a project here that comes out ahead financially. It almost needs to become a public park or art area that's a little more finished than a dirt lot. Speaking of art, this lot is often home to large-scale Burning Man art installations such as the Spire of Fire.


UPDATE 05/02/2009 - Siena Communities now owns this land, which they acquired in a series of land swaps to assemble land for the Reno Aces ballpark. They have a certain number of years to come up with a project for the property or risk losing it back to the city.

UPDATE 05/22/2006 - BCN Development/Chambolle Project : BCN Development told Council escalating construction costs have made the Chambolle condominium project financially impracticable. Requests for proposals will now be issued. The site is located along the Truckee River next to the Riverside Artists Lofts.

UPDATE 05/2006 - Wow BCN Development is taking their time on this one. The building has gone back to the drawing board to get a more historic look similar to Riverside and Mapes. As Martha would say, that's a good thing! Click here to read.
UPDATE: Some kind of ground work has begun on this project! Could it be they are starting early?

Construction slated to begin spring of this year, as the Palladio wraps up framing construction. Not much is known about this project, except it will feature retail on the bottom floor, condos on remaining floors with built-in parking garage much like Palladio. It will be built next to existing Riverside Artist Lofts along the river. This will be developed by BCN Development, the same company constructing the Palladio. The color theming will complement the Riverside Artist Lofts. The bottom floors in the initial concept have brick veneer/siding to complement the Riverside Artist Lofts.