Ah yes the Kings Inn, everyone's favorite eysore downtown.

4/20/09 - UPDATE - Project still at a stand-still.

3/20/07 - UPDATE - Project still at a stand-still. Abatement was completed, three months ago. I am crossing my fingers that this delay doesnt mean a definite end to the project. If it does, the city should condemn and bulldoze the building like they originally intended to. I am still waiting to hear back from the developer with what's going on.

11/20/06 - ASBESTOS/ABATEMENT/DECONSTRUCTION STEADY - I recently walked by the old Kings inn building, and you can tell work is definitely being done on the inside to gut everything, get rid of the asbestos and probably 10 tons of Pigeon poop.

11/10/06 - DENOVO'S REVISED PLANS GO BEFORE NAB - Denovo's revised plans, which includes an additional tower, goes before the Ward 1 Neighborhood Advisory Board, Tuesday, November 16 at 6:00 p.m. Denovo is the converted King's Inn project. Click here for Meeting Agenda and Location.

UPDATE 9/13/06 - The project is moving forward again, and check this out: Not only will the existing building get 8 stories of additional steel structure added onto it, but now, on the West Lot (not sure what that is?) an additional 18-story tower will be constructed, for a total of 134 units between the two towers. All parking will be underground. As of this writing the tentative map and new tower are in final design phases. A 1100 to 1400 sq. ft. model will be constructed at 250 Bell st. Construction of the Model, and Sales Office is slated to begin in November. They have a pre constructing agreement with UPA (who is the contractor on the Montage) for the Denovo Project.

This blighted ugly Banana-yellow hotel has been closed for years, and long been considered the joke of Downtown Redevelopment. It has finally slipped out out of bankruptcy and is ready to be converted. Developers plan on adding another 8 stories onto the existing building, and now that the railroad tracks don't run next to it, and a plaza is planned on that city block over the train trench, it could actually be a decent building to live in. It will be right next to the Montage Project with a plaza separating the two over the railroad trench. Construction is slated to start this summer! The condos will have an ultra-modern urban loft feel.

Click here to view Crowley's Presentation

NEWS: Final Approval for Kings Inn Project Is Granted


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Posted by: Kelly - 3/8/2007 8:17:19 AM
I walked by the King's Inn the other day. I have never seen so many pigeons in my life. World's biggest pigeon coop.

Posted by: Dan Sweeny - 3/11/2007 10:01:51 AM
This is the most blighted project in downtown Reno. It's hideous, it's ugly, and the City Council can't possibly take downtown redevelopment seriously until properties like this are GONE. Retailers are not going to invest in downtown until properties like this are GONE.

Posted by: Frederick Leiserson - 10/15/2008 11:40:04 PM
I for one would like to see it reopened as the King's Inn.

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