Downtown Reno Eco-Channel / white water park extensions

The Reno City Council has long-planned to extend the whitewater park east to the automobile museum, but currently it's just a matter of funding and remains on the city council's unfunded projects list. Considering how much the current whitewater park has changed downtown, tripling the size of it would most certainly attract national attention, and score of new whitewater enthusiasts.

downtown Reno Whitewater park extension

UPDATE 03/20/09 - This project has morphed into a whitewater park extension, rather than a narrow eco-channel. As soon as funding is identified and a design is presented, I will update this page.

ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Council wants to extend the current Whitewater Park from beyond the Arlington Bridge heading east past the National Automobile Museum. Because engineers question whether that portion of the river is too flat and narrow to extend the Whitewater kayak features in that area of the river, it is recommended an Eco-Channel be constructed. An Eco-Channel would enhance aquatic wildlife in that section of the river by creating deeper flows in a smaller area. The project is a partnership between the City of Renoand the Carson Truckee Water Conservation District (District) with substantial funding from the Truckee River Fund.


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