Reno Aces Ball Park

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Reno Aces Ball Park

The Reno Aces Ballpark is located on the corner of Evans and 2nd Street. The Reno Aces is northern Nevada’s first-ever Triple-A baseball team. The Reno Aces Ballpark features all the amenities you would expect in a major league park, just on a smaller scale. Features include luxury suites, restaurants, food, several beer gardens, picnic table seating, a grassy birm to stretch out on and relax/watch a great game, and a kids play area complete with bouncy castle and jungle gyms. There are giveaways and audience-participatory fun at every game, and it's a great way to spend the afternoon downtown.

I usually hit up about four to five games per season. Though I am not a baseball 'person' per say, I love watching it live-and-in-person, and taking in the whole atmosphere and experience that comes with watching live sports.

Before it was a ballpark, it was a combination of a weekly motel, a empty dirt lot, and a fire station.

The Ballpark is on my list because it's fun, it gives people something to do as a family, and it's a great stadium that oozes 'ballpark experience.'

The Beginning of Stadium Construction for Reno Aces Ballpark