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South Virginia Complete Project

You might remember a pilot project on South Virginia Street that involved beautifying a block of the street just north of Mt. Rose/Holcomb. Seemingly with any project, there was some drama involved with the lighting, but nonetheless the pilot project happened anyway.

That got the city council thinking, "hey why don't we do this to all of Virginia Street?" So they hired a firm to come up with design options and plans for the entire street, which also morphed into RTC's plan to eventually truly make South Virginia Street a transit corridor by adding special bus stops, a RAPID line, and when the need arises, light rail. Much of this project actually happened, particularly the RAPID line, and the fancy bus stops for it, of which I have become a big fan of going from downtown to the Peppermill on it in just a few minutes.

This project is actually 3 different projects combined into one cohesive larger project. The 3 projects are the landscaping/ streetscaping of South Virginia Street from California Avenue to Kietzke Lane, the construction of permanent loading stations for the bus rapid transit service / light rail, and then the mass transit project itself.

The project isn't technically dead dead, like the Waterfront or Wingfield Towers, but remains in stasis. The landscaping / streescaping portion of the project is looking for businesses / residents located along the corridor to provide public input on the project.


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Posted by: Larry Rickman - 3/4/2012 5:17:55 PM
Anything new on this and who in the city is heading this project up?

Posted by: Anakin-Marc - 3/5/2012 9:08:55 AM
It opened a while back already.