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Downtown Reno Residential

So if you happened upon my site and you're reading this page, you probably crave urban living as much as me. Who knows, maybe even more hmm?

Downtown Reno and the surrouding neighborhoods on the perimeter of downtown offer living opportunities of every type. If a condo tower isn't your cup of tea, then we have two neighborhoods full of beautiful older homes, many designed by internationally renowned arthitects. These include old Southwest, Wells Avenue District, and the conservation district between Riverside Drive and 1st Street.

Also within walking distance of downtown is the University district, which includes the homes along Evans Avenue and North Virginia Street. This area houses the majority of frat and soririty houses, as well as hordes of rental homes which serve as off-campus student housing.

In downtown Reno, we had a seemingly infinite number of residential projects planned for downtown. This was especially true in 2006-2007, when every developer and their mother had a residential tower planned for downtown. A lot of people including myself, bought into it. The reality is 3 new residential tower projects made the cut, along with some smaller specialty projects like 8 on Center and Townhouses at Holcomb Place. You browse all of them to the right.

The Palladio - The Palladio is a mid-size residential tower in downtown Reno. Overall it's a nice addition to downtown. The units themselves are spectacular, offering floor to ceiling windows and breath-taking views of the Sierra. Some parts of the exterior leave something to be desired, such as the metal grates wrapping around the third level of the building...but I can forgive those, and apparently so can many other people, since there the building is mostly sold.

The Montage - It's safe to say this is the crown jewel of downtown. Considered one of the largest adaptive-reuse projects in the nation, L3 Development took a former closed down hotel casino and transformed it into a self-contained micro-community, complete with 5 different residnetial types, 56 floor plans, a pool, huge fitness center, secure storage for each resdience, underground parking, a lush garden deck, built-in gas bbqs on the pool deck, an owner's lounge, 24 hour security, and more. Need I say more?

Residences at Riverwalk - While this isn't my favorite residential tower downtown, I still like it for several reasons; it's right in the thick of downtown, located across from West Street Market. It's better than the Comstock Apartments, which were llow-rent apartments also known as the country's largest crack house. And on the inside, the units are actually beautiful. However, the bottom floor retail still has yet to be built-out.