Central Reno Walk


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Western View
  • Western View
    The Western View of downtown Reno extends much further without the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Community Assistance Center
    The new Community Assistance Center downtown is progressing nicely.
  • Community Assistance Center
    Community Assistance Center
  • Pedestrian Bridge
    Pedestrian bridge to Amtrak Station, over the ReTRAC trench. Looks pretty good. Still seems like a bridge to nowhere though until the retail is built out on the bowling stadium.
  • Ballroom
    The new Downtown Reno ballroom can be seen a block away.
  • Montage
  • Eldorado and Silver Legacy
    The Eldorado and Silver Legacy downtown.
  • Montage Cover
    A huge swath of the north side of Montage is covered with sheets.
  • Montage Color
    Today the sun was perfect to draw out the colors on the Montage
  • Montage Tower
    Montage Tower bathed in sunlight.
  • Penthouse Glass
    Sheer glass walls going up on the two floors of the Penthouse Units. To give you an idea of the size, I believe those vertical rectangles built into the glass are doors to future balconies going in.
  • Penthouse Glass
    Another shot of the penthouse glass going in.
  • Montage
    Great shot of the Montage bathed in sunlight.
  • Montage
  • Huge glass panels
    Huge glass panels of the Montage
  • Train Trench
    A train moves through the train trench.
  • Montage
  • Looking north toward Montage
    Looking north toward Montage
  • Sierra Tap House
    Sierra Tap House was busy on this late Saturday afternoon
  • Wingfield Park
    Wingfield Park is beautiful even in the winter.
  • Downtown Folks
    Downtowners enjoy the river on a crisp sunny afternoon. It used to be downtown was 'dead' in the winter. Not so anymore!
  • Wingfield Park
    Wingfield Park
  • Montage
    Looking north toward Montage, the immense penthouse levels are very discernable form the other floors.
  • Riverwalk
    The riverwalk bustles with weekend downtowners.
  • Wine Walk
    A Riverwalk Wine Walk was happening this afternoon, and this was one of the stops.
  • Downtown Reno
    Downtown Reno
  • Ice Rink
    The ice rink is PACKED today.
  • Mass Skating
    Mass Skating
  • Ice Rink
    Ice Rink
  • Ice Rink
    Ice Rink downtown.
  • Dreamer's Coffee / Wild River Grille
    Dreamer's Coffee - Wild River Grille
  • Temporary Parking Lot
  • Nevada Discovery Museum
    Work continues on the Nevada Discovery Museum. You can see through the entire building end to end now, a strong testament to how far this project is progressing now.

Western View