City of Reno launches ReStore Program

by Mike Van Houten / Sep 27, 2023

The City of Reno has officially launched its facade improvement program for downtown Reno. 

The ReStore program encompasses two distinct components: the Facade Improvement Program (FIP) and the Tenant Improvement Program (TIP). The City will match eligible costs up to $50,000 for exterior facade improvement projects and up to $50,000 for interior tenant improvement projects. In some cases, an applicant could even be reimbursed up to $100,000 if they combine facade and tenant improvements.

“This is all about activating the inside and outside of storefronts,” said Bryan McArdle, Revitalization Manager with the City of Reno. “We are bringing back to life not only individual buildings, but downtown as a whole. It takes partnerships and investments like this to make it happen.”

Applications are now being accepted, and the City will start reviewing them October 1, 2023. However, the program will continue until all funds have been awarded.

The FIP will enhance the visual quality and aesthetics of commercial properties. Eligible expenses include exterior facade painting and repairs, signage installation and upgrades, architectural enhancements such as awnings and decorative elements, window and door restoration, preservation of historical facades and more.

The TIP encourages the activation of storefronts by financially supporting the inside of a commercial space. Eligible expenses cover interior design and space planning, structural modifications, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC upgrades, lighting improvements, fixture installation, accessibility upgrades, and other enhancements contributing to functionality and aesthetics.

The City has established funding guidelines taking into account the quality of proposed improvements and the impact of the project. Property owners and business tenants located in commercial and mixed-use districts and downtown neighborhoods are eligible to apply.

“We believe in the potential of downtown Reno,” said Doug Thornley, Reno City Manager. “We can’t do it alone, and that’s why we are inviting businesses and property owners to join us in creating a thriving downtown.” 

Selected projects will enter into a grant agreement with the City, outlining the terms and conditions of the funding. Awardees will have 90 days to submit a building permit application and an additional 180 days to complete the work upon approval.

For more information about the ReStore Program, specific project guidelines, and to begin the application process, those interested should contact Bryan McArdle, Revitalization Manager, at 775-447-3206 or

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