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Siena Prepares for Reopening

Siena shows off its insides to media.

13  Apr  2011

Various Shots: Siena, 100 North Sierra Street, New Palladio Tenant?

Siena, 100 North Sierra Street, Reno Envy and new Palladio tenant.

2  Apr  2011

Regulations To Be Discussed for Tattoo Shops, Liquor Stores in Reno

On what other cities are doing to regulate bars, liquor stores, and tattoo shops.

1  Apr  2011

New Bar Headed to Center of Downtown?

Applicant is someone very familiar with downtown. Updated with photo.

1  Apr  2011

Sierra Vista: From Weekly Motel to Mixed Use Center

A weekly motel no more.

27  Mar  2011

YMCA Sierra Street construction at 100 North Sierra Street

Holes cut in upper floor walls, possibly for windows?

27  Mar  2011

West Street Market

West Street Market

City Council to address West Street Market today and consider options.

23  Mar  2011

New Tech Company Moves Downtown

New Tech Company Moves Downtown

Expands from Bay Area to downtown Reno.

8  Mar  2011

Center Street Construction in Reno

Brasserie St James construction update on Center Street.

8  Mar  2011

Reno Envy Relocates Within Downtown Corridor

Just around the corner.

7  Mar  2011

Siena Job Fair

Grand opening April 21.

7  Mar  2011

It's in the Signs

What I feel causes more blight downtown than bars or tattoo shops.

6  Mar  2011