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MidTown Updates

MidTown Updates

Midtown continues to fill up with new options for residents.

31  Oct  2013

Le Crepe Cafe Takes Residence Downtown

Le Crepe Cafe Takes Residence Downtown

Moves into 170 South Virginia Street in the State Street building, joining La Famiglia and Feugo.

18  Oct  2013

Two Chicks coming to Midtown

Looks like Bernie found a tenant to keep Chuy's company in the new Sticks development! Two Chicks, an Eggsceptional Breakfast, will be joining Chuy's soon at the Sticks development located in Midtown. You can check out their Facebook page here.

11  Sep  2013

Women's Fitness Studio Coming to Midtown

Kaia Fit Midtown will be opening a new studio at 820 South Virginia Street in the same building as Twisted Minds.

15  Aug  2013

Midtown - Something Moving into Formerly Pink Building

Midtown - Something Moving into Formerly Pink Building

Looks like Midtown will get a bit less romantic, and that's a good thing. Romantic Sensations closed a while back and now something new is moving in. But what? Anyone recognize this slogan?

13  Aug  2013

Downtown Post Office to Remain Historically Intact

Read the latest on the renovation of the post office downtown.

4  Apr  2013

RAAB Meeting on Downtown Post Office

Interested in what is to become of the now-closed downtown post office? You might get a glance at this meeting on Thursday at 3:30.

2  Apr  2013

Two Permits Pulled for Midtown Project - Sticks

Two permits pulled for retail project in Midtown.

5  Sep  2012

Various Tidbits

City council items, two bakeries and more.

24  Jan  2012

Work on Rumored Italian Restaurant

Rumored Italian restaurant?

12  Jan  2012

Restaurant Buzz

Get up to speed on what just opened and what's in the pipeline.

2  Nov  2011

Various Tidbits

RAPID bus stop construction, Little Theater and historic grants.

16  Oct  2011