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Food Truck Frenzy

Food Truck Frenzy

What 11 other cities do, and some suggestions from me.

14  Dec  2011

Santa Crawl 2011 Verdict: Off the Hook!

Post-event wrap-up. This year was insane! One particular highlight was CommRow playing house music from their 2nd floor deck for street-goers below.

11  Dec  2011

Fusion Contact Center to open downtown

Fusion Contact Center to open downtown

 180 new jobs downtown, leased 14,000 sf space at 300 East Second Street.

8  Dec  2011

2011 Reno Santa Pub Crawl Downtown

My Santa suit is ready.

8  Dec  2011

Why I love Reno

This video pretty much says it all in a nutshell.

8  Dec  2011

Downtowners: Layla James

Downtowners: Layla James

First in a series featuring downtown residents and why they dig the neighborhood.

3  Dec  2011

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Great photos of the tree lighting ceremony.

22  Nov  2011

Campo sneak peak

Check out the opening of Campo in the Palladio. Lots of images of the incredible interior space that started as a cavernous concrete slab.

16  Nov  2011

CanFest at Silver Legacy

Silver Legacy hosts CanFest.

27  Oct  2011

Freakers Ball

Freakers Ball at CommRow

27  Oct  2011

Campo Open House: Tastes, Toasts and Tours

Campo event update

27  Oct  2011

City Has An Opportunity to Buy Cal Neva Garage, But Should They?

On Wednesday, the city council will discuss purchasing the Cal Neva Parking Garage for a reported $10,000. However before they spend even $10,000 on it, I'd like to know projected maintenance costs over time, their plans for usage etc. Will it remain a free garage? Or will it be converted to paid parking like their other garage? Would a private company run it like their other downtown garage? How do they intend to fix what is quite possibly the ugliest facade and color scheme downtown? It looks like the 1980's vomited on it.

26  Oct  2011