Nevada Museum of Art plans expansion of museum, submits site review request to City

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 17, 2022

The Nevada Museum of Art has requested a complete site plan review from the City for a large expansion to the existing museum, which will add to the existing building and bring it to almost the southern sidewalk on California and Hill Streets.

You can find the full planning document by clicking this link, then clicking the Attachments link under the Record Info link on the page. The planning documents provide full elevation renderings and schematics.


Will Bruder Architects, the designer of the current building has prepared the designs for the proposed 50,000 squarefoot expansion, complementing his original iconic black sculptural form that brings landmark distinctive character to downtown Reno. A brief summary of the proposed new areas within the expansion is provided, below.

Ground Floor

• An expanded library increases access to archive materials, books, and digital assets
• Dedicated art book shop underscores the Museum’s commitment to printed publications
• 10,000 square-foot art processing center includes framing, clean prep, woodworking, crate storage, temporary art storage and a fine art delivery dock
• Additional studio classroom
• Reimagined restaurant presents intimate seating (Ex. Building Expansion – 1 st phase of project)
• South entrance includes school bus zoning and parking to accommodate students safely

Second Floor

• Additional 9,675 square-feet of gallery space for permanent collections
• Center for Art + Environment increases to 3,500 square-feet with an additional 2,600 square-feet of storage for archives and special collections
• Additional administrative office space

Third Floor

• Additional 5,000 square feet of gallery space for feature exhibitions • Art collection storage to increase by 85%
• Rooftop garden with skyline and mountain views invites guests to relax and explore

The museum has set a fundraising goal of $60 million for the project.

The museum is currently asking the city for a full site plan review by Planning for the expansion. The proposed project includes an expansion to the existing museum building and site that will entail relocation or demolition of the two older buildings to the south of the existing NMA building and site. The two parcels to the south are owned by NMA (APN’s 011-182-12 & 13) will add a new to address the appropriateness of expanding the existing use on the northern parcel onto the 0.44+/- acres southern parcels. It is intended that the existing structures on the southern parcels will be removed, and any designed structures will meet design and code standards for this use.
In addition, it appears quite a few old-growth trees will have to be removed for the project as well, although the plans call for quite of a bit of new landscaping.

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