Shopper's Square Expansion Update

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 13, 2009

3/13/09 - SHOPPERS SQUARE - Guilty as charged. I have not taken one single pic of the Shopper's Square expansion, located in midtown Reno. I am not sure why. Maybe strip malls are not very interesting photographic subjects. However, that doesn't doesn't put a lid on my excitement for the project. Somehow, in this economy, Shopper's Square, including the new storefronts it is completing, has little to no vacancy rate. Some of my favorite stores are in this mall, including Kona Girl, who sells everything Hawaii, and is my lifeline for my ongoing consumption of pure lilikoi juice. There's nothing like a glass of pure lilikoi juice. MMM.
So According to RGJ, Staples will open April 5, and I will be elated not to have to drive 15 minutes each way to a decent office supply store. I'm not sure what a 'Smart and Final Extra' or a 'Smart and Final' is, but it sounds nice as well. Panda Express is already open, and pretty tasty, and I haven't tried Dickey's BBQ yet. I am heading that direction this weekend and will snap a few photos of the finished annex.
Across the street Gotchalks is no more, leaving a blank slate for a new mall of which we do not yet know what is going there or when.

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  • March 13, 2009 - 7:05:24 PM

    Great revisions DowntownDude, 1. Non-monitored comments sound great...but I worry. I worry. I think it's best you continue to moderate to maintain some decency unless it's becoming too much to manage. 2. Absolutely freakin' yes. 3. VERY good idea!

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    I would love to see permalinks to the articles, since it's really hard to link to anything you write, or to go back and find something older. That would also solve the issue where the comments for an article live on their own page, but there's no way to get from that page back to the article in question to see what you originally wrote.