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Last Call to Save Downtown Reno Library

Well folks, this is it. The Library Board of Trustees is expected to make a decision today regarding which branches to close, and downtown Reno is still on the hit list of possible closures, even though it is the second busiest branch in the district.

They meet at 3:00 p.m. today, I wish I could be there but I have to work, so please, anyone concerned with what would happen to the downtown core if that library was shut down, go to this meeting for the public comment section.

Contrary to rumors, the library is NOT just full of homeless people, it's full of unemployed people using the computer stations to find jobs, it's full of students using it for free wifi, it's full of folks who just like to escape for a day in that beautiful atrium and read periodicals. It's so full that often it's tough to find a place to sit.


There's a link to the info packet and staff report.


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