Downtown Reno - Green City USA

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 20, 2010

3/19/09 - GREEN CITY, USA - I am a couple of days late in recapping this story, sorry! You may have already read via RGJ that downtown will soon be getting some fun 'green' projects. First, the Reno Arch will have its lights replaced with LED light bulbs...the same type that is gaining popularity in christmas lights, flash lights, and other items. The savings will be immediate, reducing the annual power bill for the arch from $14,025 to an estimated $2,551. Also on tap for downtown is a wind turbine for West Street Market, and a possible wind turbine for City Hall. Solar panel arrays will be going on the Parking Gallery, Reno Events Center, and possibly West Street Market.
This may surprise you, but Reno has a very active 'green' community, who meet every month for Green Drinks, and EcoChat, Nevada EcoNet and green newcomer who gained near-instant support of the green community, EcoReno. Also, let's not forget the earth-friendly Great Basin Community Food Co-Op. MAJOR props to Reno News and Review for it's ongoing Green Guide.
As tourism and gaming continue to fall by the wayside, and Gibbons' lack of faith in bringing tourists to Nevada, perhaps we need to take the bull by the horns, and re-invent OURSELVES. We have the railroad system, we are on two major interstate arteries, we have the green energy (wind, sun, geothermal), and we have a President who feels renewable energy is the wave of the future. It seems like we need some incentives to bring innovative green companies to Nevada, some really good marketing efforts, and training employees. I really can't think of another state that is in the position we are to become the nation's leader in renewable energy. Am I missing something here?

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  • March 19, 2009 - 10:53:53 AM

    I think that we can blend tourism and the green thing, and create an eco-demonstration-theme-park that would draw people from all over the west.

  • March 19, 2009 - 1:55:56 PM

    We need the right kind of politicians to pull this off...and we don't have them

  • March 20, 2009 - 9:50:47 AM

    And don't forget the amazing work being done now by the REA250 group on Bell Street ( They've raised the first "urban turbine" in downtown Reno - and I hear they have some amazing projects underway that will benefit the entire State - let alone northern Nevada.