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Funding for Nevada Discovery Museum on tap at Reno city council

04-05-09 - I'm not sure if this is the same children's museum being constructed in the former City Hall building on Center Street, because both the RAAB and RAB agendas refer to it as 'Children's Discovery Museum' when the official name is 'Nevada Discovery Museum' but nonetheless this is super important. My long term readers will know from my previous blogging that I spent an immense amount of time as a kid in downtown Los Angeles' Children's Museum, a few blocks from L.A. City Hall where my dad worked. I'm positive I owe much of the creativity I have today to spending my afternoons interacting with ever-changing exhibits at that museum. From about age 5 to age 11, I visited the museum 3 to 4 times a week. It was an alternative to watching cartoons all afternoon like my friends did. My friends thought I was geeky for wanting to play with the then-largest lego set on the West Coast. Whatever pfft. So fast forward to now, if you truly want to talk about enriching a child's education beyond the classroom, THIS MUSEUM MUST BE BUILT. Like everything else in the world, it's funding has been coming in at a bit slower pace than expected, but it's still coming in, they are past the $10 million mark I believe, so City Council, I know things are tight, but do what you can to support them.

Nevada Discovery Museum



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Posted by: Gretchen Bietz - 4/7/2009 11:36:44 AM
Thank you so much, Mike, for your ongoing support. We are indeed over the $10 million mark toward our $20 million goal and going strong. We're very much looking forward to taking the campaign public at the time we start construction. We'll keep you posted!


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