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New format for breaking news and posts

4/06/09 - I owe a lot of the technological advancements on this blog to other bloggers, who kindly contribute ideas to me every so often. For example, it was Reno Discontent who coached me about RSS feeds over a year ago. Recently, Scott Schrantz who runs the Around Carson blog suggested I make permalinks for each news item, so it can be linked to from external sources and easily found without having to search through a giant archive of news. So for the news on my home page, that's what I did. I'll slowly but surely go through my archive news and give each news item its own page as well. How does it work? You can click on each blue headline link (traditional and easy to find) and that will take you to the full post, the comments, and also serves as the permalink. This also will take up less space on my home page. My next step is to move the latest comments into a new wider pod in the center column on my home page, underneath my breaking news pod, so they are easier to read. Also, in my RSS feed, each post will link directly to each post on my web site, rather than just link to my home page.


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Posted by: ernie - 4/6/2009 11:11:15 PM
Nice change . . . definitely makes it easier to link to, and hopefully will give the site some more history in the future . . .


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