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STAR bond districts on tap

As I mentioned in a previous post, in 5 months or so, STAR Bond Districts will not be able to reside in Redevelopment Districts. Any existing STAR Bond districts established before October will be grandfathered in. Our once fat list of 5 STAR Bond projects has dwindled to two, which is probably a good thing in the bigger scheme of things. Next Wednesday, the Redevelopment Agency Board will hear presentations by Meridian Business Consultants for both the Tessera project and the Freight House District. It should be noted that Tessera was recommended as one of three priority projects for Redevelopment District 2 by the Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board.

I STRONGLY suggest either being there or watching if you want to have any input on these presentations. I 'think' I have already seen these at the advisory board level, but I'll watch again just in case ;)

Also on the agenda for this same meeting, is some kind of discussion regarding the demolition of the old Reno Sparks Gospel Center building. Interesting hmmm?

And finally rounding out this interesting meeting will be the parking agreement I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Latitude Partners.

It will be 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, and I'll post any further details as they emerge before the meeting of course. Watch online or on Cable Channel 13.

Click here for agenda.

Also, during the regular City Council meeting that same day, which starts at 10:00, several items are on tap I am excited about:

C9. Staff Report: Approval of a Public Art Challenge Grant request in the amount of $50,000 to the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) for the purchase of a public art installation to be placed at the 4th Street Station Transit Center for downtown Reno and Inter-local Agreement with RTC (Room Tax Fund).

H.2 Staff Report: Resolution No. Resolution granting Community Pride Grant Funds in the amount of $1,600 to the Lear Theater to produce the Lights Up at the Lear community event.

L.6 RESOLUTION No. Resolution donating $1,000 to the Wells Avenue Merchants and Property Owners Association to implement positive changes along the Wells Avenue Corridor.
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Posted by: Walter - 6/4/2009 7:35:02 AM
What is happening with Fitzgerald's if it is no longer trying to get STAR bonds?


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