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Various tidbits from around town

6/10/09 - Just in case you haven't been keeping up with my tweets I will recap them here.

- A subway will be opening up in the Palladio. 'Coming Soon' sign is up. This will go in the former Starbucks space directly on the corner of 1st and Sierra.

- Smart & Final will be opening today! In Shopper's Square. This is a great addition to the Wells Avenue area, and I look forward to making it my primary grocery source.

- Summit Sierra Mall is looking to expand soon, with a Lowe's as the primary anchor of the expansion. The expansion will be on on approximately 28.75 acres in South Reno just east of the intersection of Mt. Rose Highway (SR 431) and the I-580 overpass. Large anchor square footage proposed for the site is 213,000 sf with remaining retail square footage to be determined at a later date. This application represents special use permit requests for 1) grading cuts and fills 2) building and freestanding signage, and 3) a year-round outdoor display area within the parking lot of the proposed Lowe's. This application also representation requests to vary from the requirements in the Large Retail Establishment Ordinance for 1) parking quadrant distribution and 2) size or parking blocks.

- New blue and yellow awnings are up at West Street Market. The place looks cute and ready for the upcoming farmer's market season.

3. I photographed a couple of places on Center Street that are being renovated. Not sure what they will be yet but will let you know!

4. State Street installed their large odd-shaped window. Doesn't look as bad as everyone thought it would!



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Posted by: Paul - 6/10/2009 11:00:45 AM
I understand that there is a need for a home improvement store down south but the Summit just keeps getting worse in my mind. How about expanding on your shopping options instead of opening a Lowe's? Maybe they'll move all of the food options over there so you have to trek further than you already do.

Posted by: Matthew A. - 6/12/2009 6:55:25 AM
Interesting news about the Lowes at the Summit. I live right down the street from there. Currently the closest hardware store is a Home Depot right down on Damonte Ranch Parkway within 3 minutes of the Summit. I guess it fits with their trend of building stores right next to eachother. I have to admitt that a hardware store is a strange fit for the Summit as well, but that parcel is somewhat separate from the retail area so it could work well. Odds are the traffic drawn in for a hardware store will generally not cross to stroll upsale retail and vice versa. I am glad to hear that they are continuing to expand and positioning themselves for the future economic recoverey - it shows good forward thinking and insight on the part of the management. I personally love the summit sierra mall and its layout.

Posted by: Patrick - 6/12/2009 2:24:26 PM
I agree. A lowes is totally out of place there. Plus, there's a Home Depot just a few miles away and a Lowe's a few miles beyond that. I guess this blows the chance of something nice like a Nordstrom opening. The Summit is kind of a disaster--one terrible anchor (Dillards) and food stuff that's a huge distance from any of the other stores. Who ever heard of an outdoor mall without any type of cafe in the main part? Crazy.


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