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Changes happening at Grand Sierra Resort

(Thanks MJD for the email tip!)

Definite changes: The Reserve Wine Bar has been moved to a location between the Charlie Palmer restaurants and the Crystal Lounge Bar (replacing the "lounge" portion of the Crystal Lounge). The area formerly occupied by the Reserve is walled off and being transformed to an "Extreme Sports Lounge", with scheduled opening in July, according to a sign posted on the temporary wall. A High Limit slot area is also advertised on this wall, so there could be something else planned for the existing high limit slot area near the Comps + desk. The small Pinecone Bar near the buffet has been closed and dismantled. Not sure what will become of this area, but my guess is that it could just become more buffet tables.

Last week, an employee at the Reserve mentioned that some other near-term changes are in store for the GSR; while these are not officially confirmed they seem to be reasonable: The former Dolce is being renovated into an Italian-themed restaurant which will also be associated with Charlie Palmer. I don't remember the name but the employee said it would be open in early July and more "moderately priced" compared to CP and Fin Fish. The Reserve will be expanded to include the remainder of the lounge area in front of the CP restaurants/Cafe Sierra/Buffet area, and appetizers/cheese plates will again be available soon--now they will be on the Charlie Palmer menu.

Plans for improved ventilation for the new Reserve are also in the works. I was going to ask this employee about whether there are any plans for the former Pearl Lounge, but the wine bar was getting busy so I didn't get that chance.


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Posted by: Patrick - 6/20/2009 9:23:50 AM
Man, this place is a disaster. The charlie palmer italian might be interesting, but, I've eaten at both of the other two and wasn't impressed. I don't mind paying for really good food, but this was simply expensive mediocre food. One of the worst combos out there. I liked Dolce when I went there so I will reserve judgment on the italian until I try it. In the meanwhile, if you want a top of the line steak skip CPs and go to Harrahs.

Posted by: Local - 6/29/2009 6:47:38 PM
Seriously? Dolce was terrific. Great Monday 50% specials. If GSR had done 1/10th of what they said they would do, that restaurant would have had the traffic needed to support the rent. GSR continually "reinvents" itself. You have to wonder if there's a plan, or if they're just reacting to the daily news. The Reserve was great - but they didn't really promote it. Now we have another "extreme sports bar"...just what the market needs - a sports bar. HELLO?

Posted by: MJD - 6/29/2009 8:44:21 PM
Update on GSR Changes, as described the same Reserve wine bar employees: 1. Tables and bar area have been set up in the space that will hold the new Charlie Palmer "Briscola" restaurant. It almost looks ready to open! 2. The former Pinecone bar site will contain more space for the buffet. The bar will be moving to the new High Limit Slot lounge (former Reserve site). 3. The Extreme Sports Bar/Lounge will be moving to the old Pearl lounge location later in July. 4. The Reserve wine bar is now operated by the Charlie Palmer group.


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