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Legends at Sparks Marina photos - opening day

Thanks Justin!


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Posted by: Patrick - 6/20/2009 9:33:30 AM
Went out last night and it looks pretty nice. Saks is cool. Otherwise most of the stuff I'm really interested in isn't open yet. But its way nicer than the Summit. That being said, like the Summit, I don't understand why there is no where to just drop in and get a soda, coffee, snack. At least not in the central part of the mall. No sub shop, coffee shop, pastry shop, etc. The only thing like that is Fudruckers and its on the far corner of the mall. I just don't get that.

Posted by: Justin - 6/20/2009 11:00:46 AM
Patrick, I agree more food places are needed. Subway, Freshberry, and Patsy Grimaldi's Pizza and Cadillac Ranch Steakhouse should all be open by 8/1 and will be located in the main part of the mall. Plus, there is always the quick/casual diner in Scheels. Still, I get what you're saying and agree. They cold use a couple more quick/casual restaurants. I'm sure more will come once the IMAX movie theater opens up next year.

Posted by: Roger - 6/22/2009 1:04:19 PM
I stopped in yesterday - it was all very impressive. It is truly a “lifestyle center” and everything that I thought Summit was supposed to be. Broad walkways are filled with fountains and art, making going between stores very pleasant. Even better is that stores are on both sides, reducing the overall amount of walking. Last time I went to the Summit, I had to move my car three times – not because I’m all that lazy but because it is unsafe walking through so much parking that doesn’t protect the pedestrian.


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