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Reno Light Rail Project?

8/7/09 - At the August 11 Redevelopment Advisory Board Meeting at 3:00 in the 7th Floor Caucus room at Reno City Hall, John Hester will be doing a presentation about a light rail project. Huh what? Light Rail? That's a definite change from a bus rapid transit. This is one meeting I will NOT be missing.

Also on the agenda is the Approval of Consulting Agreement with US Geomatics to survey and map all areas of ReTRAC that are currently un-parcelized. Recently, RDA stadd discovered a bunch of land around the ReTRAC corridor was not parcelized.


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Posted by: wiley_in_reno - 8/7/2009 2:59:03 PM
This is a tough call. The light rail in downtown San Jose never has many riders in it. But it looks good.

Posted by: johnfree - 8/7/2009 3:57:06 PM
Knowing very little about this, I can say that the basic organization of the city - where all roads lead to Virginia St - is in favor of this. That is, a light rail running from UNR to Sierra Summit right down the middle of Virginia(!) would be one of those 90-10 things, where 90% of the utility will be gotten by 10% of the effort. Among other things this route will go within a block of the Amtrak station and the bus complex at 4th and Center(??).

Posted by: Albert Russell - 9/14/2013 9:53:40 AM
If you have ever been to Portland OR, then you would know how a light rail makes a town a city. We should start out with two lines, Summit Mall to UNR and Boom-town to Sparks then add a spur to the airport. Nothing would set our city up to prosper in the future more than a project like this. We should have broken ground years ago. Better late than never.


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