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Basin Street Properties talks to RGJ

Basin Street is featured in a Reno Gazette Article this morning, and reveals among other things, that construction on a 140-room Marriott hotel next to the ballpark won't begin until May of 2010. Originally slated to be a Hyatt Summerfield, the brand was changed a while back. This was originally slated to break ground this year.

They also said they are preparing the bottom floor fo their Park Center Tower on Second Street (across the street from Baseball Stadium) for supporting retail for the ballpark.

I am stoked that Basin Street Properties is here. They own many of downtown's larger towers, including the BofA building on Virginia and Liberty, the Wells Fargo Building just north of the BofA Building on Liberty, and also the Park Center Tower on 2nd Street.. They are in a prime position to lure companies here from around the West Coast, and I hope they do.

I'm still bummed out that C4Cube chose to be located in Park Center Tower rather than the Mason Building in downtown Reno, especially after the City extended a hand by offering them free parking spaces in the City Parking Garage on Sierra Street.

And on a final note, a direct note to Matthew White, I am extremely stoked you chose Reno to locate your business and invest in. Much, much appreciated, BUT saying "As long as California is dysfunctional, Reno will thrive" is kind of an insult to Reno. First, Reno isn't thriving, and California is definitely dysfunctional right now. Second, it seems the opposite...when California thrives, tourists flock to Reno.


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Posted by: Bugsy - 9/27/2009 2:01:56 PM
Well said Mr white about California being dysfuctional and business unfriendly...I just wish those words are heard by california's "so called" leaders. Living and working in California full time and Reno part time. I definatly see how living and working in California is becoming impossible. I wish I could move to Reno full time.


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