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La Bussola looking for new home

9/6/09 - Because of some kind of controversy regarding a new property management firm or something of the sort, La Bussola is suddenly homeless. No longer on 1st Street. They want to stay downtown, and are looking for a new spot to set up shop, preferably downtown in an active foot traffic area like Cal Ave or on the Riverwalk somewhere. This blogger was kind enough to help them move to a temporary location on 4th Street, but that's not an ideal solution for them and they need a place downtown asap. If anyone knows of a space, or can offer assistance, Contact Me and I'll forward your info to the GodHatesReno dude, who is a friend of theirs and has taken on the task of helping them find a new spot.


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Posted by: Reno Tradebanc.com - 9/7/2009 10:58:16 AM
I have loved La Bussola for years, and Meredith has enritched my business ans personal being so much...If there is a monetary reward to assist the backbone of the Arts District, (La Bussola) to find the proper home...I or my business Reno Tradebanc will make it so... Keep Reno Quirky!!!!La Bussola FOREVER! call me... Steve 762-2756...

Posted by: Gay Rodeo (godhatesreno) - 9/7/2009 12:06:33 PM
...thank you sir... I'm not sure Meridith's intentions thus far with her move, but something will have to happen soon. We'll be hearing from her shortly as a post in direct response to my own rant. What I do know is that within the next six months or so, the regrouping will be underway. There is no intention of La Bussola going under completely, there's too much going on, overall. Any ideas are welcome, speaking on Meridith's behalf, anyway.

Posted by: Sarah - 9/13/2009 7:41:41 AM
It's so great to hear that they didn't just go out of business! I was shocked to walk by their old storefront and see that they were just gone. I wish they could have left a note in the window or something saying that they moved.


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