1. 'Whisky' is applying for a liquor license for 100 South Arlington Suite 102. I believe this was Se7en's old location before they closed the popular Arlington Towers bar.

2. Men Wielding Fire is applying for a liquor license for their new place at 180 East First Street.

3. C.13 Staff Report: Approval of Waiver and Amendment to the Reimbursement Agreement Dated February 1, 2009 between the City of Reno, Nevada and Bank of America, N.A. regarding the Letter of Credit for the City of Reno Tax-exempt Capital Improvement Revenue Refunding Bonds (Events Center Bonds) - Series 2005A.
Not sure what this is but I know these are primarily the bonds that have the city worried.

4. Staff Report: Discussion and possible direction to the City Attorney's Office to take whatever legal action may be required to terminate and collect the overdue rents on the Ground Lease dated March 1, 1978 between Southern Pacific Transportation Company and Donald L. Wilkerson, as amended by the Amended Ground Lease and Signage Agreement dated January 31, 2007 between the City, Fitzgeralds Reno, Inc., as ground lessee and Fitzgeralds Gaming Corporation, as guarantor, as amended, assigned to and assumed by Fitzgerald Virginia and Plaza LLC, as ground lessee and DRW Real Estate Ventures, LLC, as guarantor pursuant to the Assignment and Assumption Agreement, dated October 31, 2007, by and between Fitzgeralds Reno, Inc., Fitzgeralds Gaming Corporation, DRW, Fitzgerald Virginia and Plaza LLC, the City and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Reno.
This one will be interesting to watch.

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