I tend to enter many of the events in my calendar myself, which involves going to various web sites like Silver Legacy, Pioneer Center for Performing Arts, CommRow and others. I noticed I hadn't received any events from CommRow's social media guru lately, so I ventured to their web site and discovered the entire web site is gone with the exception of Basecamp, a parking page and a contact page. The CommRow logo has been completely removed and replaced with the Basecamp logo.

A while back in Northern Nevada Business Weekly there was an article about CommRow undergoing a major renovation which included opening 320 hotel rooms, revamping the first floor, opening the neighboring spaces including the former Golden Phoenix casino building fronting Virginia Street, the building on Sierra Street across the street from Montage, the Old Reno Casino and the Masonic building. The plan was/is to combine the Masonic Building and Old Reno Casino into a 10,000 sf restaurant space, Vino's on Sierra Street gutted and converted into a restaurant space, upstairs from Vino converted to meeting space, and the former Golden Phoenix casino renovated and reopened into a casino. They were/are also contemplating a skybridge spanning Douglas Alley to connect CommRow to the former Golden Phoenix building.

Judging from their web site, it looks like this renovation is about to begin as everything in CommRow seems closed with the exception of Basecamp.

This is encouraging to see, and I am crossing my fingers that the third time's a charm. CommRow originally opened in October 2011 with worldly eateries such as Lemoni, Que, and Da Stand. Then, not even four months later, it was announced that CommRow would be undergoing a second renovation, which resulted in food changes, and Beach Hut Deli and Biggest Little Burger added to the mix and most of the first-phase eateries closing.

On the rumor side of things, I am hearing they are going to go for a more upscale modern look, and the 'no frills chic' concept so beloved by CommRow's initial development team is being ditched.


UPDATE: According to RGJ, plans include a restaurant and bar on the first floor, along with the hotel lobby and moving the entertainment venue from the third floor to the first floor, and turning the third floor into banquet/catering space. The 4th floor hotel rooms will be converted into office space. It will be a $10 million remodel. The new name and concept should be released within the next six weeks.

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