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New Parking Meter Systems To Be Tested

You may remember a while back me talking about parking meter systems that downtown may adopt and test with all kinds of new convenient features and better tracking to produce more income for the city. You can see references and previous discussion at the 3-5-09 Redevelopment Advisory Board notes I took here and also in the 4-22-09 City Council report.

Looks like this will finally become a reality as RGJ reports that the three pilot systems will be installed in the coming weeks. My favorite is still Secure Storage Technologies, including their pledge to locate their corporate offices downtown. We'll see if my opinion changes once they are in place and functional.


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Posted by: downtown regular - 11/3/2009 1:48:19 AM
The big brother camera kiosk system on Ryland near the library is creepy, I refuse to use it.

Posted by: carsoncitycowboy - 1/11/2010 2:04:53 PM
I think the camera system is neat! Gives me a good feeling that my vehicle is safe. And using my credit card really makes parking easy.