Cal Neva Parking Garage

On Wednesday, the city council will discuss purchasing the Cal Neva Parking Garage for a reported $10,000. However before they spend even $10,000 on it, I'd like to know projected maintenance costs over time, their plans for usage etc. Will it remain a free garage? Or will it be converted to paid parking like their other garage? Would a private company run it like their other downtown garage? How do they intend to fix what is quite possibly the ugliest facade and color scheme downtown? It looks like the 1980's vomited on it.
It's not really a secret that the garage is located adjacent to city hall...and I would be pretty pissed if the city removed this free parking downtown excluding people who work at City Hall. The garage is seriously run down, though probably structurally sound.

$10,000 is a good deal but not if it costs $100,000+ to bring the garage up to a decent state, and especially if it only serves the interests of those working at City Hall. I would rather put flower baskets downtown that actually serve everybody's interests.
What are your thoughts? Should the council buy this garage and if so, what purpose should it serve?